Nelson Mandela Centenary: Be the legacy

Nelson Mandela Centenary:  Be the legacy

This year, South Africa will mark the centenary of the life of our nation’s founding father Nelson Mandela under the theme: “Be the legacy”.

The celebration is a major milestone in the incredible story of Nelson Mandela and our nation’s journey.

Nelson Mandela left an indelible mark on our society having laid the foundation for a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society. His legacy lives on in our commitment to ensure a just and fair society for all, including the rights to dignity and freedom of expression.

To celebrate Madiba’s life, we need to stay true to his ideals, including his unwavering commitment to justice, equality and a non-racial South Africa. All South Africans have a responsibility to promote freedom and defend our democracy in honour of Madiba’s life-long commitment to these ideals.

The 100 year anniversary of his birth is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to his principles and building the nation we envisioned at the start of our democracy. The centenary will be marked with a year-long series of awareness, educational, celebratory and legacy commemoration events. It will build up to main centenary celebration on the 18 July 2018 which is former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Take Action, Inspire Change, make Every Day a Mandela Day

This is a direct call to action to public institutions, corporates and individuals to act as sources of inspiration and engage in conversations and actions that commit to establishing sustainable programmes in local communities. This is to also inspire society to act every day and not only to take up the responsibility of impacting other people’s lives on 18 July, but throughout the year, too.